Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrate a World Tour of Women with the Caltech Poetry Club Journal Volume 2

Caltech Poetry Club will present a program at the Student Center for Diversity Thursday, March 31,2011 at NOON to 1 PM as a finale to Women's History Month at Caltech. Members will read poems from their new issue (Volume 2) of the Caltech Poetry Journal, Anapamu Anaprasad will perform South Indian Classical Dance of Woman, Sharon Hawley will show slides of a Women's rally in Pakistan she attended and was honored at a few months ago. Chithra Krishnamurty will sing a South Indian song of woman. Casey Glick will be the featured graduating poet and will sing a French somng on how hard it is to understand women! Come join us and participate in this varied, dynamic program!

Caltech and local poets meet at the Red Door every Friday, 4:15 to 6 PM to share their own poems and study the work of historical and other contemporary poets. Look for Kathebela's flowery hat to locate the group table.